Information and Communications Technology or ICT is very powerful of Pratap College, Amalner. College provides unlimited free internet access to students, teaching and nonteaching faculties. Upto this date college has 400 computers including 26 Laptops, 44 printers, 07 scanner and 23 LCD projectors. Each department is fulfilled with computers and networking facilities. Every department has separate Laptop and LCD projector. With the help of these facilities each teacher is updating his knowledge and presents his lecture with power point presentation.

Ministry of HRD has decided to connect all College and Universities under NMEICT Project (National Mission on Education through Information and communication Technology) to National knowledge Network (NKN). The colleges and universities will be connected to this network via VPNoBB (Virtual private network over broadband). Under this project BSNL has decided to give Max upto 40 VPN connections over broadband facility. Total Cost of VPNoBB connection under NMEICT/year is Rs.5000/-per 512 Kbps VPNoBB or Rs. 1 Lac per 10 Mbps VPNoBB. From the total cost of VPNoBB connection under NMEICT per year BSNL share 10%, MHRD share 75% of balance and college share 25% of balance. Therefore, in 2012 College took 10 Mbps VPNoBB connections. For this purpose college purchased Radio Modem. For smooth internet activities college also has Cyberoam. Each department is connected via Cyberoam. A person who used this internet facility has it’s own username and password.

College has BSNL Telephone facility. Presently College has 05 telephones and additional 02 separate broadband connections viz. 01 for MKCL and one for Nanoresearch Lab. Also each department is connected with intercom facility. Our college office is computerized. Admission process and scholarship process is fully computerized. Library is semicomputerized.

Commerce faculty has its own huge computer lab. Departments like Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Mathematics, Electronics, Geography, English, and CCMC have their own big computer lab. For hostel students there is also separate internet lab.

» ICT Committee

Sr.No Name of the Teacher Position
1 Dr. M.S. Wagh Convener
2 Dr. D.C. Patil Member
3 Prof. J.C.Agrawal Member
4 Prof. K.M.Gavit Member
5 Prof. T.V.Rajale Member
6 Dr. R.S.Balaskar Member
7 Prof. S.D.Bagul Member
8 Prof.Mrs.P.M.Patil Member
9 Prof. Amit N. Shinde Member