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Welcome to Department of Philosophy & Psychology


2.  General Information


Philosophy is an activity of critical inquiry and a comprehensive process of thought. It involves testing and evaluating various positions, uncovering assumptions and examining philosophical systems. Philosophy, being a rational inquiry, sharpens our thinking, enriches our understanding and expands our intellectual horizons. While accepting this we understand that it is not only conceptual discipline but it is also a moral side of social science. Studying of it not only develops our reasoning and thinking but also develops skills of argumentation to deal with controversial issues. The value of philosophy lies in fact that it encourages intellectual values like open mindedness and tolerance of different opinions. Whatever way you look at it, philosophy can supplement and compliment your other studies.

The Department of philosophy and psychology was established in June 1948.  Mr. M. Bedekar was the founder head of department. The late Professor Dr. B. J. Kavimandan was another very distinguished faculty. He raised the department to the level of excellence. He wrote more than ten books. He was well-known as a critic and aesthetic thinker.

The Department is having permanent affiliation for special course in Philosophy. In the department subjects like logic and methodology of science were taught until 1993. Now in the Department, philosophy and psychology are taught at general level for F.Y. B.A. / S.Y. B.A. / T.Y. B.A.

Various skill development programs for personality development are run by the Department.

MPSC/UPSC and others competitive examinations guidance is also provided to the students on demand.

Department is equipped with Computer and Internet facility to all the students learning ICT.


The Teaching programmes of the Department involves.

Course: B.A. in Philosophy & Psychology.

Admission: June.

Eligibility: 12th  Pass.

Duration: 3 Years.


Course Structure:

B.A. in Philosophy & Psychology. (Semester System)


FYBA: Ethics

SYBA: Introduction to Indian Philosophy

TYBA: Modern Philosophical Thought



FYBA: Fundamentals of Psychology

SYBA: Advanced social Psychology OR Human Developmental Psychology       (Early Life)

TYBA: Applied Psychology OR Applied Psychology and Modern life OR

              Introduction to Environmental Psychology OR Environmental   

              Psychology Issues & Applications.